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I do not expect anything without your success

My name is Pulkit Das. I’m a Fulltime Trader, Software Developer & Motivational Speaker. It’s my personal mission to ‘impact the lives of others by providing them the tools, confidence and strategies that’ll help them create a life of freedom,achievement and fulfillment.‘ – Whether that is through financial education or through personal growth.

I started to be incredibly enthusiastic aboutpersonal growth from the age of 18. And at that time I was trading in the stock market like gamblingand that emptied my account a few times.  For which I was incredibly frustrated, stressed and broken. And in other words, I reached the lowest point in my personal life. And it took me near about 3-4 years to get out of this situation, during which time I read a lot of books and join stock market courses as well as  seminars. and these helped me a lot to know about the stock market.

I wish, I had someone at that time who would guide me out of that situation and guide me towards a life with improved finances, habits, achievements and happiness. Now I am trying to be such a mentor for about 2439+ traders .

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My Values

Elevating excellence with education

I think the main purpose of life should be to uphold the ideals, values and principles of life in any situation. These make a person social, dutiful and creative in the true sense. Just like a fruit tree gives us its sweet fruits in Instead of every injury.

You should enrich yourself more and more at every moment for every adverse situation. Whether it is for daily life or personal life. The way of life, the point of view, the method of judgment analysis of the wise especially helped me to move myself forward.

I am currently associated with an NGO. They provide education to the poor and helpless children who are left behind in the society. I try in every possible way to make them self-reliant and build a bright future. Because these are our future leaders.

In addition to all this, one should make relentless efforts to fulfill own’s hopes, aspirations and dreams at every moment. Every moment of life is very precious because we have only one life.

Our Mission & Vission

The smile of your success is my reward

Most of the people in our society think that, the stock market is still a gambling. But no one has ever tried to understand that the stock market is nothing more than a game of chess. This means you have to think fast before taking action.  In reality only the top 3% of traders know, what they have to do in the stock market to make money. But another 97% of people or traders don’t know what they’re doing, that’s why they’re losing their money. 

So my goal is to teach the remaining 97 percent of traders, about how to add yourself to these three percent. This is why I created this website. Here you will get authentic, realistic and 100% practical information with proof. I’d be happy to see that, those who left the stock market due to losses, they have successfully started the stock market (trading) again. 

About 90% of people are think that, the stock market is a Gambling. That’s why they think like gambling and behaves like a gambler. In every moment they try to earn money by using their own luck.

But they do not understand that the stock market is not a Gambling, it just a simple business. So if you want to earn money from the stock market, then you have to think like businessmen, not like gamblers.

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