Advance Amibroker Masterclass (हिंदी)

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  • Basics of Amibroker AFL Programming
  • Understanding Realtime 1minute Vs Tick Data Vs EOD data for AFL Programming.
  • Understanding AFL Editor & Code Snippets.
  • Amibroker Built-in Functions
  • Building Simple Scanners
  • Customizing Scanners & Real-time Scanners
  • Live Examples on Exploration (Live Coding)
  • Understanding HHV, LLV, Highest, Lowest, Highestsince, LowestSince
  • Understanding Math & Statistical Functions
  • Understanding Classical Indicators Built-in Functions (MACD, Bollinger, ATR, CCI..etc)
  • Building Your First Trading Strategy
  • Understanding Basic Building blocks in a trading strategy
  • Backtesting your trading strategy
  • Portfolio level backtesting
  • Different Backtesting modes available in Amibroker
  • Applying Stops and Targets to your Trading Strategy
  • How to understand Backtesting Metrics / Backtesting Report.
  • Building Intraday Trading Strategy
  • Difference Between Limit Order Vs Market Order
  • Understanding Multi timeframe Functions
  • Optimizing your Trading Strategies
  • Introduction to Advance Loops
  • Introduction to Custom Backtesting
  • Common Mistakes Programmers do while coding an AFL
  • Best AFL Coding Practices
    And More…….

What Will I Learn?

  • Build your own algo with amibroker.
  • Amibroker AFL Programming.
  • Building Real-time Scanners with Amibroker.
  • Building Your First Algo Trading Strategy with Amibroker.
  • Backtesting your trading strategy.

About the instructor

My name is Pulkit Das. I’m a Fulltime Trader, Software Developer & Motivational Speaker. It’s my personal mission to ‘impact the lives of others by providing them the tools, confidence and strategies that’ll help them create a life of freedom, achievement and fulfillment.‘ – Whether that is through financial education or through personal growth.
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Material Includes

  • 18+ hours on-demand video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • 17 downloadable resources
  • 2 practice tests
  • 1 Year access
  • Assignments


  • PC or Laptop (or any other Device with atleast 10" Screen because charts will not be clear on Mobile)
  • Internet Connection
  • CC or PayPal Account for Verification on Tradingview ( Do not worry, your will not be Charged )