Advance Price Action Masterclass (हिंदी)



Basics of stock market
Importance of Technical Analysis
Learn stock selection
How 90% of people are losing money
Understand the philosophy behind different trades
Where Big player coming in intraday (FII, Mutual Fund)
Weekly positional Method
Intraday options trading strategies
Full indicator free trading (Say no to INDICATOR)
Pure PriceAction trading strategies
Trade with Multi-confirmation analysis
Money Management
Risk management & Position sizing
learn to make yourself an Independent Trader
Secret of trend finding method
Money making strategy
Common Mistakes that you should Avoid
Advance concepts for your short term trading
Chart analysis using free software
No need to pay any tips provider & be your own boss
You will learn When to Enter Or When to Exit with proper Stoploss & Target in advance
You will find real life trading knowledge here, Which is not available in any book.
5+ secret different trading strategies
Apply different valuation methods under different strategies
Develop and Implement your own Trading Strategies
And Much more


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