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Money is not always everything. Some values in life, some morals, and an unquenchable desire to do something for others are also an important matter.

Totally Free For National Heroes

In our country, a large number of great people from the Armed Forces and the Police Force have sacrificed their lives for the country and people, in different situations at different times. I will give this online training course to all those family members completely free of cost. So that they can become self-reliant and ensure the future of themselves and other family members.

40% Less For Physically Disabled

In our country, a large number of young men and women are physically disabled. They lag behind most of the time in terms of action. For all those backward people the course fee will be 40% less. So that they can become self-reliant and ensure a bright future for themselves and other family members.

30% Less For Ghar Ka Laxmi

The contribution of women in the socio-economic development of any society is undeniable. Society has been free from crisis many times at different times through the intelligence and efficiency of women. I convey my humble respect, devotion and love to all those women. My course fee will be reduced by 30% for those married women, who want to be self-sufficient to fulfill their own and family dreams.

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Why This Course Is Not Free For Everyone?

Believe me no one would be happier than me if I could give you this course completely free of cost. The problem is that Valuable things that are available for free, become valueless to most people. For this reason, if I give this course for free, you will not be able to feel its value or importance. Even Mahatma Gandhi set the price of his autograph at Rs 5 in 1934, when he came to Bhagalpur to help the poor. 

The course is offered free of cost to all martyr family members. There are also special discounts on course fees for handicaps & housewife. A part of the money earned from here will also be used for the welfare and improvement of the society. Also for registration, without paying me directly, you donate the full course fee to your preferred N.G.O, you just have to send me a receipt copy. There is no loss and no profit, this is my personal ideology.

If you think, my course is not qualified for some reason after registration and payment, you can ask for a refund of the course fee within 7 days. This opportunity is available for everyone. Your course fee will be refunded according to the money refund policy, without asking any questions. For all these reasons the course is not free for everyone.

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